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More than 15 years guarantee us

We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the construction sector. That has been able to adapt to the new times and we have specialized in: -Rehabilitation of buildings, -SATE Systems for facades, -Ventilated Facades, -Installation of Lifts and generally the Industrialized Construction.


At Stren Fachadas we have been committed to a sustainable work model for more than 15 years, adapted to the functionality that the planet and its inhabitants need.


Our aim is to be an example of innovation within the sector of the Integral Rehabilitation of buildings and in Industrialized Construction.


Commitment to our clients. We understand the work as a common project establishing collaborative links.

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Management and advice

We have extensive demonstrable experience in the planning and processing of subsidies both at the community and state levels.

We also advise you on the different types of financing according to the characteristics of your project.

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Ventilated façades

The ventilated facade is a constructive solution that allows a physical separation to be established between the exterior part of the facade and the interior wall of the building. Said separation creates an open chamber that allows air renewal. This chamber implies a series of technical, acoustic, aesthetic and functional advantages that provide great added value.
You can see the projects of ventilated facades and SATE in our PROJECTS section.

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The rehabilitation of a building is a complex work whose purpose is to adapt it to improve: -Living conditions, -Energy Efficiency ((thermal and acoustic insulation), -Structural and constructive safety, -Fire Protection, -Protection against Water, -Accessibility (ramps and lifts), -Natural Lighting and Ventilation, and the Interior Distribution of spaces.

These improvements can be carried out both inside the homes and in the common areas of the building.

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SATE system

The SATE Exterior Thermal Insulation system consists of placing thermal insulation on the exterior walls of a building. This technique improves the overall thermal performance of the building and thus enables substantial energy savings.

It combines the use of a thermal insulating material with a decorative finish coating. It It is suitable for both new construction and rehabilitation. And provides extra durability to the façade, maintaining the breathability of the building.


Installation of elevators by façade

One of the most common jobs in the reforms of old buildings is to eliminate architectural barriers, through the construction of ramps and the installation of elevators.

The following cases usually occur:

  • Installation of the elevator through the courtyard of lights.
  • Instalación del ascensor por la fachada exterior. With the perceptive permission from the City Council for invading the sidewalk.

Inner walls and suspended ceilings


We are specialists in the installation of drywall and false ceilings. We carry out thermal and acoustic insulation and passive fire protection.


Industrialized construction

Industrialized construction Steel framing or “dry construction” is a comprehensive construction system that allows any type of construction to be carried out with prefabricated elements in shorter execution times, joined together by means of mechanical or chemical fixings without the use of water.


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