Industrialized construction “steel framing” - Obra nueva

Industrialized construction Steel framing or «dry construction» is a comprehensive construction system that allows any type of construction to be carried out with prefabricated elements in shorter execution times, joined together by means of mechanical or chemical fixings without the use of water.

The advantages of this comprehensive system are:

  • Flexibility in design. Any type of building can be built.
  • Less waste generation. The material is fast and clean. No more than 4 grams of waste is generated for each kilo of drywall.
  • Lower consumption of water and energy. The reduction in water consumption is practically 100% while the reduction in carbon footprint is estimated at 47%.
  • Interior spaces with greater useful surface. The facade enclosures and interior divisions are highly efficient with less thickness. The increase in useful area is estimated at 4% compared to the traditional construction system.
  • Use of recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Most of the production takes place inside a workshop with a controlled environment that is not dependent on inclement weather.